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    A review of the Lorissa Love Doll.

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Lorissa Love Doll
deluxe 3 holes $124-204
supine white skin brunette hair
mannequin head
blow job mouth

    Category: inflatable female love doll

    This doll is based on Lorissa, the porn starlet, and can be used in fantasy sex play while watching her porn videos.

    The Lorissa Love Doll is a deluxe doll, with molded pussy, anus, and mouth. The Lorissa Love Doll has a full a mannequin head, the most natural looking head of any doll. The Lorissa Love Doll is a tall, skinny doll, which should please those looking for more adult-looking dolls. The arms, waist, and legs are a little longer than natural. The body of the Lorissa Love Doll is smoother than most vinyl dolls and has very few seams, putting this doll somewhere between a typical vinyl doll and a latex doll. The Lorissa Love Doll has a better shape than most dolls. The tits and the ass are more naturally shaped than any other vinyl or latex doll. The Lorissa Love Doll’s breasts are small but are distinctively and realistically shaped — but they don’t shrink on inflation (that is the size intended by the manufacturers). The ass has not just the right general shape, but is accurate in detail — much more detail than any latex doll. The detail in the molding even includes a belly button.

    The holes on the Lorissa Love Doll start out rather stiff and difficult to enter, but just a few hours with an ordinary dildo inserted will loosen them up. Once loosened up, the holes are reasonably comfortable. Not as nice as the best stand-alone vaginas (or even the CyberChic Sex Doll’s CyberSkin pussy), but much better than the typical vinyl doll hole.

    “Lorissa Love Doll — Love doll with ultra soft realistic vagina, anus, and mouth. This doll’s almost seamless design gives it added strength and realistic feeling. She also has a full size mannequin head.” —

    “Life-like incredibly realistic doll with a futurotic vagina, anus, and mouth is made of a new 3-dimensional, almost seamless, design providing added strength and a forming technique which creates a soft feeling. Sensually scented, and vibrates too.” —Discreet Online Shopping

Lorissa Love Doll front box cover

    Lorissa Love Doll

    Feel the folds of my soft tight vagina engulf your massive cock as you penetrate deeper and deeper into my succulent pussy

    FUTUROTIC Vagina, Anus & Mouth

    California Exotic Novelties

    swedish erotica®

Lorissa Love Doll back box cover

    Customized Oral Sex!!

    To create the perfect blow-job, you can size the mouth to fit your cock.

    Simply cut one small slit on either side of the mouth’s opening using a sharp knife. Don’t worry about the slits ripping as thi area is reinforced and durable. The mouth will spring back into its original position when the penis is removed.

    California Exotic Novelties

    swedish erotica®

    Lorissa Love Doll

    She’s Ultra Life-Like and Orally Customizable for the Ultimate Pleasure!

    The Lorissa Love Doll™ has a multitude of sensual features to keep your fantasies alive and thrilling. The Futurotic™ Vagina and Anus has an ultra life-like feel. A powerful vibrating bullet has its own pocket in the doll to provide stimulating sensations through the vagina and anus with the Swedish Erotica battery pack.

    Lorissa’s mouth, also Futurotic™, has french-kissable lips and can be sized to fit for comfort and pleasure. Her throat is soft and supple with textural nodes for ecstasy! Coupled with her gorgeous mannequin face and flowing auburn hair brings you incredible realism.

    The overall construction of the doll has a modern, almost-seamless, design providing added strength and a more life-like presentation. This doll can handle any man up to 330 pounds! With suckable breasts, a lender waist and a killer butt, the fantasy is complete.

    FUTUROTIC™ Vagina, Anus & Mouth

    Soft supple vibrating Futurotic™ Pussy with erotically noduled ticklers.

    Futurotic™ Anus with vibrating bullet pocket.

    She’s ready for you at both ends for your love!

    Adjust her size-to-fit mouth for the perfect oral pleasure!


    ©Copyright 1999 by California Exotic Novelties, Inc., Chino, CA. Made in China. USES 2 AA BATTERIES, NOT INCLUDED. SOLD AS A NOVELTY ONLY. Surf our website at:

    All rights reserved. The shape and appearance of this package is a trademark and trade dress of California Exotic Novelties, Inc.

    Wash before and after each use. Do not get battery end of vibrator wet. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER. Do not share with other sexual partners. Help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases through the use of condoms, sexual education, proper judgement and rigorous, diligent care. Remove batteries when not in use. ALWAYS USE A RUBBER COMPATIBLE LUBRICANT WITH THIS PRODUCT FOR MAXIMUM PLEASURE.

    Compliance with title 18 U.S.C. 2257, labeling requirements of explicit materials, “Lorissa Love Doll” was produced 10/30/99. All models are 18 years of age or older and all records are maintained at C.E.N., 14235 Ramona Ave., Chino, CA 91710. Contact: S. Colvin.

Lorissa Love Doll side box cover

    Lorissa Love Doll

    FUTUROTIC™ Vagina, Anus & Mouth

    I want it in the ass with your hard pounding, thrusting rod penetrating deep inside me!

    California Exotic Novelties

    swedish erotica®

Lorissa Love Doll side box cover

    Lorissa Love Doll

    California Exotic Novelties

    swedish erotica®

    Holds Up To 330 Pounds

    Soft Realistic Feeling Skin

    Sensually Scented


    In order to protect and maintain your new Futurotic™ product, follow the steps below after each use:

    Talc included

    FUTUROTIC™ Vagina, Anus & Mouth

Lorissa Love Doll top box cover

    Lorissa Love Doll

    Slip your hard cock between my full lips and luscious mouth so I can suck you dry!

    California Exotic Novelties

    swedish erotica®

    FUTUROTIC™ Vagina, Anus & Mouth

Lorissa Love Doll copyright © Convergence Inc. Used by permission.

    Vibrations: multi-speed

        Color: Caucasian-beige

        Material: vinyl and Futurotic™

    Batteries Required: Two (2) AA cells

    Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties (formerly Swedish Erotic) product #SE1903-0

feedback comments

    “I have experience with several dolls, and Lorissa is by far, the best. The description on this site is quite accurate — good size, excellent head and vagina, and great hair. A recurring problem I have had is a leak that develops beneath the (her) left armpit. Like virtually every other doll, the patch kit that accompanies Lorissa is useless for any leak that develops along a seam. Using some material from the other arm of a leaky Lorissa, I was able to make a “skin graft” over a new one where the leak normally occurs (using plenty of Shoe Goo cement). This has held for many months and a lot of pleasure. I DO recommend this doll.” —anonymous; e-mail; January 12, 2003

    “Wow, this is truly a great doll! It’s comfortable and (if you keep her slightly under-inflated) flexible with very few seams. The pictures don’t do it justice. Very affordable, but not “cheap.” I’ve had it for months, and it has yet to develop any leaks. By contrast, the Chasey Lain doll blew up during its fourth use. I highly recommend this doll, and I imagine that the other dolls that are made the same way are equally-good. Looks great dressed up, and feels a bit better, too.” —anonymous; e-mail; April 3, 2002

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    This web page is about the Lorissa Love Doll.

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