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Love Dolls

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Chasey Lane Inflatable Fantasy Playmate molded asshole

    The anal opening of cheap dolls are often poorly made, with sharp edges at the opening of the sex holes that make the masturbation experience painful, and can rub your penis raw or even cut it open. Sometimes standard dolls have one or more painful holes. It is rare for a deluxe doll to have any painful holes.

    All you need for a doll to be useful is for any one of its holes to be comfortable. More comfortable holes increase your options for choice in sexual activities.

    On most dolls, the anal sleeve is a duplicate of the vaginal sleeve. You just turn the doll over. Cheap and standard dolls have a simple anal opening and sleeve. Standard dolls might have pink vinyl anal sleeves. Sometimes the pussy sleeve will be pink vinyl and the anal sleeve will be the same color as the rest of the body. Some deluxe dolls have a molded latex anus. In some deluxe dolls, the molded latex pussy and anus both share the same tube.

    “The dolls without a realistic anus simply have a pouch within the doll for you to slide your penis. The realistic anus dolls have a separately made anus attached to the doll.” —Convergence Inc: Love Doll FAQ

    The ass sleeve on most inflatable dolls is in the range of five to seven inches. It is obvious that most customers of inflatable dolls have small dicks. There are dolls that feature extra long (deep) ass sleeves that can accomodate larger cocks. Usually molded latex assholes have textured sleeves with little bumps.

Glenda, the Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll ass

    It is important to use a lubricant when fucking your doll’s ass. This can be as simple as a whole bunch of spit, or can be a commercial sex lubricant. Wet Light works great.

    The Smart Ass Love-Doll has a molded anus. Other dolls also have molded anus, but the Smart Ass Love-Doll has the best. Her anus is tight but not too tight. Most molded anuses are so tight that it is a struggle to use them—the Smart Ass Love-Doll has a very pleasant, tight anus. The Smart Ass Love-Doll has a variable speed battery powered vibrator shared by both her pussy and her ass.

dolls with CyberSkin® anus: CyberChic Sex Doll (cyberskin vagina), CyberChic Sex Doll (beige color vagina), CyberChic Sex Doll (cinnamon color vagina), Virtual Girl Living Foam Doll

dolls with pink Senso® anus: Houston Pro Series Love Doll

dolls with Futurotic™ anus: Aria Giovanni Italian Love Goddess Doll, Lorissa Love Doll

dolls with realistic anus: Alexa’s Essensual Elements Vibrating Love Doll, Asia Carrera Love Doll, Chasey Lane Inflatable Fantasy Playmate, Christy Canyon Realistic Doll, College Co-ed Love Doll, CyberChic Sex Doll (cyberskin vagina), CyberChic Sex Doll (beige color vagina), CyberChic Sex Doll (cinnamon color vagina), Devon’s Futurotic Pleasure Doll, Houston Pro Series Love Doll, Latex Lady, Latex Lover, Letha Weapons, Lorissa Love Doll, Nina Hartley Video Queen Fantasy Doll, Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll, Rayvenes Love Doll, Real Doll, Silicone Love Doll, Smart Ass Love Doll, Stephanie Swift’s Wicked Vibrating Love Doll, Virtual Girl Living Foam Doll

dolls with simple anal sleeves: Action Motion Party Doll, Aki Love Doll, Alicia Rio Love Doll, Anna Malle Kneeling Doll, Aphrodite Fantasy Doll, Aphrodite Bending Fantasy Doll, Aphrodite Sitting Fantasy Doll, April Love Doll, Asian Princess Doll, Aspen Love Doll, Bachelor’s Bride Doll, Becky Inflatable Love Doll, Big Bazooka Babe, Big Joe Male Doll, Big John Male Doll, Bigtops Becky Love Doll, Black Male Doll, Blackstar Doll, Brenda Love Doll, Brigitte Bra Buster Sex Doll, Brigitte Ultimate Fantasy Love Doll, California Stripper Doll, Can Can Doll, Chellé Fireball Love Doll, China Doll, Chinese Sex Girl, Chinese Sex Girl (vibro-action), Chloe Love Doll, Construction Man Male Doll, Country Cutie Love Doll, CyberChic Sex Doll (cyberskin mouth), Desiré Fantasy Love Doll, Dominique Ebony Love Doll, Double Date Love Dolls, Dyanna Lauren Centerfold Fantasy Love Doll, Felecia Fantasy Doll, French Maid Love Doll, Greek Girl Love Doll, Hot Pussy Sex Machine, Huntress Love Doll, Hustler Inflatable Bondage Sex Doll, Hustler Street Slut Inflatable Sex Doll, Inga Three Hole Love Doll, Island Babe Love Doll, Jamie Love Doll, Jason the Male Lover Doll, Jasmin Love Doll, Jessica Love Doll, Jill Kelly Sensual Suction Sex Doll, John Holmes Male Doll, Jordan Ebony Love Doll, Julian Rock Hard Doll, Kneeling Nina Love Doll, Kylie Kneeling Love Doll, Linda Deep Throat Doll, Little Sweety Doll, Mannequin Man Doll, Marlene Love Doll, Marylin Star Love Doll, Milk Maid Love Doll, Le Doll Monique, Montana Dream Girl Love Doll, Ms. Black Love Doll, Nadia Russia Love Doll, Nancy Bra Buster Fantasy Doll, Nancy Nurse Doll, Nasty Boy Erotic Doll, Norma Jeane Sex Doll, Pamela Love Doll, Police Woman Doll, Princess of Love Doll, Private Call Girl Love Doll, Doc Johnson Pussy Galore Doll, Rich Bitch Dream Girl Love Doll, Rubber Maiden, Sex Teen Love Doll, Sexy Sharon Love Doll, Shari Sweet Experience Love Doll, Slave Girl Doll, Spread Eagle Love Doll, Submissive Fantasy Doll, Super Shirley Sex Doll (original red head), Super Shirley Sex Doll (new blonde), Talking Lora Doll, Taunting Tanya Doll, Teri Love Doll, Tiger Doll, Topless Tootsie Love Doll, Virgin Love Doll, Wild Honey Love Doll, Winnie Wiggle Doll, Your Love Love Doll (some models)

dolls with no anus: Alien Doll, a href="./annaewe.html" onMouseOver="window.status='Anna Ewe Black Sheep Doll';return true">Anna Ewe Black Sheep Doll, Elsie the Mooing Cow Doll, Eva Ewe White Sheep Doll, Party Gal Doll, Ms. Piglet Doll, Rumiko Doll, Solid Cyber Girl Doll, Your Love Love Doll (some models)

    A new “feature” of some dolls is a “virgin seal”. This is a plastic seal over an opening (usually the pussy and ass) that can be pulled off. The virgin seal supposedly guarantees that a doll has never been used before (not a serious risk, as it is illegal to sell used dolls), but presents the problem that removing the seal usually leaves behind a rough edge that makes use of the hole potentially very painful.

    “Special TIGHT-FIT ASS.—Slip Your Tool Deep in This!

    “Her deep penetrating anal opening awaits you for hard and fast pleasure stroking.” —Doc Johnson Hot Pussy Sex Machine box cover

    “Just look at my Real-Life™ Vibrating Pussy and Anus; My Real-Life™ Vibrating Pussy and Anus are so real!” —The Smart Ass Love-Doll box cover

    “Slide up and into my Real-Life™ Vibrating Pussy and Anus; I want you to be inside every hole in my body!” —The Smart Ass Love-Doll box cover

    “Realistic vibrating anus.” —Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll box cover

    Some dolls are themed to prominently mention their asses.

dolls themed to emphasize asses

Greek Girl Love Doll   Smart Ass Love Doll

Most realistic feeling ass: CyberChic Sex Doll

Best inner ass sleeve: Aphrodite Bending Fantasy Doll

Best (old style) molded anus opening: Smart Ass Love-Doll (this anus is also are shared by the Perfect 10 Deluxe Fantasy Love Doll)

Best overall ass shape: Lorissa Love Doll (other fun shapes: Aphrodite Bending Fantasy Doll and Spread Eagle Doll)

Best positioning of ass opening: Aphrodite Bending Fantasy Doll

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