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toy information

This page includes general information on toys and a basic overview of each category of toys.

If you want a really great experience, then get a really great toy!!!

    Some of the modern categories of sex toys (there is some overlap between categories) are: dildoes, double penetrators, vibrators, sleeves, clitoral stimulators, nipple exciters, eggs and bullets, anal probes, butt plugs, anal beads, ben wa balls, suckers, pumps, exercisers, sex clothing, bondage gear, chastity belts and devices, harnesses, masturbators, artificial vaginas, inflatable dolls (vinyl and latex), solid dolls (foam and silicon), games, videos, books, and specialty or novelty devices that don’t fit into another category.

    Explanations of each kind of toy follows the list of category links.

Adult Sex Toys

    There is no one universal “best” toy. Every person has different sexual turn-ons and a toy that one person thinks is great might make the next person wonder “why is that even interesting?” Seek you the toy that matches your individual interests and fetishes.

    For women the most popular toys are dildoes and vibrators, with the most popular vibrators being the rabbits and butterflies. For men the most popular toys are cheap masturbators (especially “pocket pals”), artificial vaginas, and inflatable dolls. Many internet toy stores have lists of their recent best sellers (although those lists tend to distorted by sales of cheap gifts and the release of new products).

    The most common method for selling sex toys are toy parties. These are kind of like Tupperware parties, but for sex toys. Toys are also available in adult book stores and upscale boutiques. The prices at an upscale boutique are typically two to three times the price at an adult book store, a premium being charged for not having to go to someplace seedy. Toys have also been sold by mail order since the late 1800s and in recent years have become available on the internet.

    Toys shared between partners can carry sexually transmitted diseases. The safe sex method is to either not share toys are to use a condom on shared toys. Do not move a toy from the anus to the vagina without washing it first, as this can transmit bacteria (even in the the same person).

    Important Note: Many of the new high tech materials (such as jelly, eroksin, virtualskin, cyberskin, etc.) products will react with each other and most other materials derived from plants or petroleum, possibly melting and ruining both toys.

    “We believe if you have a positive experience with a sex toy, you’ll keep coming back for more. If you don’t, you may never try another again. I’ve been selling sex toys for a long time and can assure you that a lot of what’s out there is cheaply made (falls apart easily, breaks down, smells bad, or in some cases is just dangerous). Sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little more for a toy, or try and find out what toys sell the best, or have been reviewed by other customers.” —Anne Semans from

    Dildoes have the general shape and appearance of a penis. This can range from highly realistic to vaguely cock-like. Some dildoes are molded from the penis of a famous porn star. Dildoes can vary in color (not just natural skin tones, but a full rainbow of colors). Dildoes can range in size, from small to giant. Dildoes range in materials, including rubber, latex, vinyl, jelly, and various kinds of plastics. Some dildoes have balls. Some dildoes have built-in vibrators. In addition to vibrations, there are other possible motions, such as twisting, rotating, bending, and plunging, sometimes available in combinations of mor ethan one action. Some dildoes also have a clitoral stimulator. Some dildoes are designed to be used as strap-on dildoes (sometimes with special clitoral stimulators or vibrators on the back side). Some dildoes have two heads (“double dildo”).

    A dildo is any artificial penis. A vibrator is any toy that vibrates. There are vibrating dildoes.

    Dildoes of stone, wood, leather, and other materials were common in ancient Goddess worship, with the oldest known piece of human artwork being a piece of ivory that served as both a calander (charting a woman’s menstrual cycle with the phases of the moon) and a dildo. In ancient Egyptian society, mothers would give their daughters holy dildoes as part of a coming of age ceremony. In ancient Hindu society, young girls would break their hyman on a temple lingam stone as part of puberty ritual.

    Glass dildoes and double dildoes are made from laboratory grade Pyrex, which can withstand heat, cold, sudden temperature change, and impact, making these items safe for sexual gratification. Glass is very smooth and slippery when wet.

    Dildo Strap-on harnesses (not to be confused with bondage harnesses) hold a dildo or vibrator in place, usually for pleasuring another person. Some harnesses can hold both an external and an internal (or two internal) dildoes or vibrators. Harnesses that only hold internal dildoes or vibrators are often called chastities, especially if they lock in place.

    Vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including vibrating dildoes. Most vibrators are battery powered, but there are a few that run on regular wall outlet electricity. There are waterproof vibrators that can be used in the shower, bath, or pool. There are also remote control vibrators that are controlled by radio.

    Vibrators were originally created as medical devices. During the Victorian Era, the Christian church taught that women had no sexual desires or needs and that women lacked the ability to have an orgasm. Women were forbidden to masturbate, but doctors treated “female hysteria” by manually manipulating a woman’s genitals until she stopped moaning. Doctors of the time were overwhelmed with large numbers of women seeking daily treatment. Because the male doctors of the time viewed women as second class citizens and women’s ailments as a beneath their dignity, they sought a mechanical answer and came up with the first electrical vibrators, allowing women to treat themselves.

    Massagers are an older form of vibrator, derived from the Victorian Era belief in “female genital hysteria”.

    Remote control toys are designed to allow a partner to control the toy (usually some kind of vibrator). Most (but not all) remote control toys are quiet enough to secretly be used in public.

    Sleeves are intended to be placed on vibrators to offer a variety of experiences. The most common sleeves turn an ordinary vibrator into a vibrating dildo. Other variations include sleeves with clitoral stimulators, anal probes, and other attachments.

    Eggs and bullets are small vibrators in the shape of an egg. These are the actual vibrators that are inside many other sex toys, but with the rest of the toy stripped away. These can be used to create your own toys or as very small compact vibrators to tuck into clothing or other exciting places. Eggs are most commonly used for external clitoral stimulation during partner sex. Magnums are eggs that are extra long, making vaginal insertion possible. Combinations either two eggs or an egg and another vibrator attached to the same controller.

    Clitoral stimulators are devices designed to directly stimulate the clitoris. They usually vibrate, but can also have other motions or actions. There are also non-powered clitoral stimulators that work by rubbing against the clitoris when walking or moving around. Clitoral stimulators come in both strap-on and hand held varieties. The two most popular clitoral stimulators are the rabbits and the butterflies. Rabbits are vibrators with a little rabbit for additional clitoral stimulation. Waterproof toys can be used to combine vibrations with an herbal bath.

    Anal probes and butt plugs are designed for use in the anus. These come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and materials, as well as with and without vibrators. Anal kits combine multiple anal toys into a convenient package.

    Beads are inserted into the vagina or anus and pulled out during orgasm to intensify the sensations of an orgasm.

    Double penetrators include both vaginal and anal probes in a single device. Some also include a clitoral stimulator. These are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and materials, as well as in vibrating and non-vibrating models.

    Suckers are designed to suck on the clitoris or nipples.

    Breast pumps and nipple exciters are designed to pleasure the breasts.

    Balls are inserted into the vagina to build up the vaginal muscles (a woman attempts to hold the ball in by clinching her P-C muscles, adding more balls as she gets stronger), which can lead to stronger and longer orgasms. Exercisers are designed to help build up the vaginal muscles for greater sexual pleasure with a partner.

    Erotic clothing includes clothing with built in sex devices (such as a dildo, butt plug, vibrator, or clitoris stimulator), as well as sexy lingerie and role playing costumes. Related are transvestite items, such as breast forms, large size female clothing, etc.

    Erotic jewelry includes specifically sexual jewelry such as clit jewelry, nipple jewelry, penis jewelry, and pasties, as well as regular jewelry with an erotic theme.

    Cock rings are designed to keep blood engorged in the penis in order to hold an erection longer (to better satisfy a woman).

    Bondage gear ranges from mild items to extreme, and includes chastity devices, breast bondage, ankle, wrist, elbow, and thigh cuffs, gags, chastity belts, blindfolds, helmets, full body devices, chains, and cages. Bondage gear can be made from a variety of materials, including cloth, velcro, rope, leather, wood, or metal.

    Lubricants are used to add lubrication, whether adding lubricant for vaginal sex, anal sex, or toy play. Oils are used for massage, and can be scented and/or flavored. Creams and balms have a variety of uses, including creams that decrease sensitivit of penile nerves so that a man can last longer.

    Barriers are used for safer sex (even the best barriers sometimes fail). These include condoms, dental dams (used for cunnilingus), and gloves.

    Sex games are designed for two or more people to have fun together.

    Videos are available in a wide variety of subjects, and range from hard core porn featuring bizarre fetishes to soft core romances. There are also instructional videos. And many subject are available as DVDs.

    Books are available describing a wide range of sexual activities.

    Hands and fists are available for “fisting”. These are large devices, much larger than most women can use internally.

    Dolls are available in vinyl (cheap, standard, and deluxe) and latex for inflatables and in foam and silicon for solids, in a wide variety of fetishes, races, and kinds, including female dolls, male dolls, animal dolls, themed dolls, and porn star dolls.

    Artificial vaginas range from cheap devices that are essentially vinyl, latex, or plastic holes to expensive “life like” devices, some molded directly from real porn starlets. Masturbators are devices for masturbation other than artificial vaginas (such as artificial blow jobs and artificial breasts).

    Penis pumps are intended to increase the size of the penis. By use of a vacuum pump, they draw extra blood into the penis, resulting in a temporary (few minutes) increase in the size of the penis. We strongly discourage the use of penis pumps as they can permanently damage the penis, resulting in the loss of the ability to attain an erection. We are only including penis pump listings because some of you keep asking for them.

    Novelty items are mostly “gag gifts”, not intended for actual sex play or masturbation, but as a joke.

    Kits are collections of toys.

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